Natural Healing Therapy Benefits

Massage therapy is the oldest and most highly respected natural remedy for stress relief in the world. This Traditional Chinese Medical treatment offers instant access, immediate relief and long lasting results without medication.  Professional massage therapist are educated and trained to diagnosis and treat imbalances, muscular tension and arterial constriction for holistic healing. Your personal well being is worth the money you should invest for their professional service but you can also learn and provide natural hands on healing for for yourself with some effective results. Increased energy levels, mental clarity, emotional balance and enhanced physical conditions are some of the benefits you can provide yourself and your loved ones. Hands on makes a difference, make it a positive one.

Bring balance into your life and others with the simple act of loving care served with a daily dose of sincere prayer.

Yoga practices began in India over 5000 years ago. It is not a religion but it is a practice that can enhance spiritual  growth. Yoga exercises involve deep long stretch positions that release tension in the body.  Free flowing energy channels  result in increased energy and flexibility.   Observing nature can provide you with  a refreshing mental yoga workout just by being present and relaxing as you observe the ever present reminders of God’s grace that surrounds you.


Aromatherapy and Natural Beauty Products

The ability to smell,  differentiate  and associate scents is an amazing gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially the influence it has on how scents that surround us make us feel.   Relaxing scents like lavender, cinnamon or pine can provide a gentle relief from tension.   Floral scents may bring back special memories that make you smile. Colognes and perfumes, soaps and salts have also been used in cultures all over the world for their mood altering influence from the beginning of time. Scent has been taken to new heights in the candle, oil and incense industries. They have even come to define a holiday season! And nothing beats the scent of your favorite home cooked meal. It can make a house a home. Which scents are your favorites? How often do you surround yourself with your favorite smells? This is an easy and very rewarding way to make your space appealing and to lift your spirits. 

Healing Bath Salts

Did you know that Dead Sea Salts can relieve arthritic pain, muscle tension and extract toxins that create black and whiteheads? It can also draw out  excess water that causes bloating and discomfort while the mineral rich Dead Sea mud has been proven to cure eczema, and psoriasis?  Mixed with lavender these essential minerals take on a whole new ambiance.

Give that perfect gift and impress that special someone with memories that last.

Meditation is an age old art that is well known for clearing the mind  of random thoughts while opening the energy channels to divine insight. It helps put things in perspective from universal point of view.

Romancing the Soul by Walter Cloud teaches the reader natural methods with step by step instructions on how to practice healing remedies for relaxation, stress relief and  mind expansion.

Prayer works and has been practiced since the beginning of time. Taking your concerns and hopes through prayer, to God, is the way to be sure that you are understood and get the support needed to work things out.