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Find out which foods and spices are  best  for you.

Give yourself the advantage. with the Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia

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Did you know that  different blood types process food differently? Makes sense right! Knowing your blood type will give you the advantage when reading Eat Right For Your Type. It explains the best foods to process with each of the 4 different blood types. Knowing your blood type will help you to select the best foods to maximize your energy, mental clarity, good health and  weight.

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Fact: Concord grapes are a top anti oxidant fruit source. They strengthen blood vessels and tissue. Known for its vitamin C benefits this tasty treat protects our bodies from eye disease, heart disease, colds, cancer and varicose veins. The dark skins contain reversatrol, the plant chemical known for its anti aging benefits. It also contains potassium and vitamin B6 which boosts the neurological system. Acai berries and blueberries are top pics too!

Fact: Figs are plump, tender fruit filled with nutrition.  They grow in twos and resemble male testicles.  In fact, they are connected. Figs increase the number of sperm and sperm mobility. They contain potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese. They also promote healthy bowel function and regulate blood pressure.

Fact: Collard greens, strong dark green leafy vegetables are an excellent source for the B vitamins which stabilize and nourish the bodies nervous system. They also contain vitamin C anti oxidant properties and fiber.  Eaten raw  3 times a month this powerful food source can decrease bladder cancer risk by 40%. Broccoli, kale, cabbage and spinach are also excellent options. Powerhouse foods for stabilizing nervous tension.

Fact: Olive Oil has helped sustain humanity for over 10,000 years. This culinary staple is rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids. It keeps the blood flowing smoothly. It reduces cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well as  arteriosclerosis and serum cholesterol also known as clogged arteries. 

Fact: Ginger, native to Asia has many health benefits. This root is eaten fresh as shown or dried, used for seasoning as a powder, tea and candied. It’s well known as an anti cancer agent as well as anti oxidant, protects against heart disease and lowers cholesterol. It has been known to calm nausea and arthritis pain.  It should not be used when taking blood thinner medication.

Check out the Health Benefits of Ginger: http://youtu.be/6LN2QDaQr38

Olive oil is a particularly unique and versatile plant extract. It is also recommended for a natural furniture polish, make up remover and hair conditioner to name a few. An excellent product to keep on hand.



Knowing which foods provide you with the highest quality nutrition will maximize the value of your dollar and the quality of your life. Eating right makes a huge difference in sustaining your sense of balance, well being and your personal strength. It has a huge impact on stopping irritability, anxiety and depression. Quality food sources boosts our immune system and helps us to think clearly. Get  informed.  Eat well, live long, be happy. See our ANDI Aggregate Nutrition Density Index located at the very top menu bar of this page for more information to help you identify which food sources support specific parts of the body.

Every home should have  these rare and highly recommended reference guides for daily living. 

Herbs, spices and grains are all natural sources for the magic of aromatherapy as well as nutrition.  Everyone knows the allure of a delicious meal and the wellness of emotion that comes with it. Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla are favorites that come to mind for many people!  Smell leaves a lasting impression long after the meal is gone.  Being consciously aware of this empowers you to give your loved ones a sense of well being without saying a word.

*For nutritional facts check Eat Right for Your Type.

*Need fresh ideas for spices that are new to you? Check penzeys.com for a wide selection  of herbs and spices that you can order online!

Fact: Beets are an excellent source of many nutrients. They have the highest sugar content of any vegetable but they’re also a good source for folate, manganese, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, fiber, copper, phospherous and vitamin C. This amazing little jewel helps promote the formation of antioxidants in the liver! It helps to prevent heart disease, birth defects and cancer. It fortifies healthy bones, blood and skin. What more could you ask of beet. You can bake them, crush and drink as juice, boil slightly and use on salad. And they’re cheap too!  Get some at your grocery store today. Live long, be healthy!


Don’t see something your interested in? Click OrganicConsumers.org above for more information.

Eat right to control irritability, tension and depression. Avoid debilitating diseases. Strengthen your personal power with the discipline of good habits.

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   Recipes                         Recipes                         Recipes

Delicious Soups

  Great Salads

     Energy Drinks

Purple and Red Vegetable

Green Vegetable  Energy

Carrot Juice

Beet, Carrot, Mango JuiceGreat_Recipes.htmlGreat_Recipes.htmlGreat_Recipes.htmlGreat_Recipes.htmlGreat_Recipes.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3

Beans are well known as an excellent protein rich food source and are used in many cultures around the world. They are abundant and inexpensive to buy. They are highly versatile and offer nice toppings for rice, salads, burritos or sauteed vegetables just to name a few tasty dishes. The nutritional value for a daily serving of 1/4 cup offers: protein 9%, iron  15% and  Calcium: 4%, Carbohydrates 23%

Delicious Breakfast Waffles Recipe
Serve with Fresh Sweet Ripe 
     Homemade Peach Cobbler 
For memories that last forever.....Great_Recipes.html
Apple Bread Pudding
Serve warm with vanilla ice cream Great_Recipes.html

                                         Yummy and Healthy Homemade Treats

Fact: Honey is one of the best all natural sources of sugar around. There are so many health benefits that some websites focus exclusively on Honey! For starters its an excellent energy booster and immune system builder. It’s well known by grandmas all over the world to prevent and cure diseases and put a smile on the faces of their loved ones.  Did you know honey can help prevent yeast infections and cancer? It inhibits the growth of bacteria and helps keep wounds clean too. It’s also known for aiding in the elimination of arthritis.  It’s fat free, nutritious and delicious!

PESTO PASTA: Here’s a Quick and Easy Lunch or Dinner Idea!

Are you in a hurry and looking for something nutritious, delicious,  fast, affordable and that offers a beautiful presentation? Try this...Pesto Pasta served with a colorful salad with balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing!  Try buying a local homemade version of pesto and use whole wheat corkscrew pasta. Boil your pasta until it’s a nice medium firm texture, drain and toss with fresh pasta sauce. I add cold sliced cherry or grape tomatoes for color and the extra vitamins and a finely chopped chile pepper for a little spicy boost. Serve with a green salad and add your favorite low calorie vegetable toppings, the colorful juicy ones with high water content. If you’re not concerned about calories add delicious homemade croutons and serve with buttery garlic bread. Yum!

Check out the link to VeganCoach.com for more great recipes and nutrition facts.

Pinterest.com is another highly recommended website!

Vegetarian lifestyles are becoming more and more popular everyday as people find out about the many great recipes and delicious flavors.  Proven results include good health, environmental balance, harmony with other living beings as well as economic savings!

More than 400 recipes and inspiration to create your own! 


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10 Foods That Make Hair Grow

source: BlackDoctors.org

1.   Salmon

2.   Dark Green Vegetables

3.   Beans

  1. 4.  Nuts Brazil, walnuts, cashews,   

      almonds, pecans

5.   Poultry

6.   Eggs

7.   Whole Grains

8.   Oysters, Lamb

9.   Low Fat Dairy                                  10. Carrots


                                      Protein Rich Food Sources

                                                                            (non meat or seafood options)

Tempeh ............................41 grams per cup                                 Lentils.............................. 24 grams per cup

Soymilk ........................... 11 grams per cup                                 Edamame .........................20 grams per cup

Seitan ...............................19 grams per 3 ounces                        Peas ...................................9 grams per cup

Brown rice ...................... 5 grams per cup                                   White rice............................4 grams per cup                                                                                                              Sunflower seeds .............6 grams per 1/4 cup                             Cooked broccoli ..................4 grams per cup

Cooked spinach ............. 5 grams per cup                                   Avocado.............................4 grams per cup

Whole grain bread.......... 7 grams in 2 slices                               Black beans................... ..15 grams per cup

Cashews.......................... 5 grams per 1/4 cup                             Cooked semolina pasta ....8 grams per cup

Flax seeds .......................4 grams per 2 tablespoons                  Bulgur ..............................5.5 grams per cup

Peanut butter ..................8 grams per 2 tablespoons                  Sunflower seed butter.... 5.5 grams per 2 tbs

Baked red potato ............3 grams per cup                                    Barley ...............................3.5 grams per cup

Hemp Seed ..................... 11 grams 3Tbs                                       Farro grain .........................7 grams per 1/4 cup

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Fact: Bananas have so many benefits that we had to dedicate a whole page to explain! Click on this link and see!Healing_Sessions/Healing_Sessions.html